Strong Schools Strong Communities

Strong School Strong Communities

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Strong schools make West Michigan a great place to live,
raise a family or start a business

Thank you to our voters for approving the Strong Schools, Strong Communities enhancement millage on May 2, 2017!  The Strong Schools Strong Communities millage and the revenue it provides allows the expansion of opportunities like early college programs and support for students. With these funds, local districts are able to expand career training for students through job shadows, internships, apprenticeships and long-term mentorships. Students are also exposed to the world of work through field trips and tours of local businesses, and by having business representatives visit classrooms.

Millage dollars help make training available to teachers to help them incorporate skills required for success in college and careers into their curriculum.  Districts can also use millage funds to retain and recruit teachers and support staff necessary to help students succeed.

Strong schools are the key to attracting families and business to West Michigan. And they’re an essential part of our quality of life in our communities. Strengthening our schools strengthens our future workforce and develops strong talent right here in West Michigan. 
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What every taxpayer should know

Below are three facts about Strong Schools Strong Communities 

  • By law, every penny generated from this proposal is distributed to local school districts on a per-student basis to maintain existing programs and improve services offered to students
  • The millage provides $211 per student for every student in a district
  • ​The millage dollars will be publicly reported on this website along with each district’s website and an independent audit will be conducted to ensure transparency and accountability

How Districts are Using the Dollars

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5 Questions About Strong Schools, Strong Communities 

1.  What is Strong Schools, Strong Communities?

Strong Schools, Strong Communities is a regional enhancement millage that passed on May 2, 2017. 

2.  How are school districts held accountable for this millage?

By law, every penny generated from this millage will be distributed to local school districts to maintain existing programs and improve services offered to students.  All spending goes through an independent financial audit ever year, with spending disclosed on this public website to ensure transparency and accountability. 

3.  Why is this millage necessary?

For years, West Michigan school districts have taken steps to tighten their belts, make cuts, find efficiencies, reduce staff and consolidate services. Despite these efforts, too many school districts and communities continue to struggle to provide the quality education students deserve.

4.  Why did Kent ISD request this millage?

By law, only Kent ISD can ask voters for a regional enhancement millage, and it is the only way to receive additional revenues to meet student needs.  All revenue from this millage is distributed to each local school district on a per pupil basis.   This millage expands career training and technical course offerings to give students real life, on-the-job training and a head start on their careers. It also gives students exposure to the world of work and business with partnerships that prepare them for college and careers. Additionally, the millage gives students living in poverty a good start, and surrounds them with the support needed to keep them in school. 

5.  Why is this millage important?

Strong schools are the key to attracting families and businesses to West Michigan. It’s our responsibility as a community to work together to ensure our students have access to a high-quality education that helps them learn, achieve and be college and career ready. We owe it to our kids and grandkids to give them the same opportunities as we did to achieve, succeed and compete for jobs.